Wayanad is all about gorgeous green countryside with charming  tea and coffee estates, wildlife, waterfalls,  lakes and more.  Wayanad literally means land of paddy fields. There are plenty of things to see but the first-timer visitors here do not realize that the distances in Wayanad are huge. More often than not, they end up just spending a lot of time on the road, rather than at the tourist destination. Most of us unknowingly, pick hotels and resorts that are not close to the places that we really want to visit. One significant thing that we must do when planning a trip to Wayanad is to understand the key tourist destination in Wayanad and then look for lodgings that suit us – keeping in mind the proximity to our list of attractions.   In this blog post, I separated Wayanad into 3 key areas based on the tourist destinations in each of these areas. This should help you plan your stay better and enjoy the lovely tourist spots in Wayanad.

Things to do in Wayanad

Temple Run: Kalpetta, the district HQ, takes pride in its 300-year-old Varambetta Mosque, several old Jain temples and the Pallikunnu Church. Add a visit to the Edakkal Caves the only known place for Stone Age carvings in South India  and you will have yourself a day packed with South Indian heritage and more!

Bird surveillance: Being Kerala’s least populous area, it is easier to spot the distinctive wildlife during treks. These include Paradise Flycatchers, Lorikeets, Coucals, White-cheeked Barbets and more beauties. Photography lovers should definitely carry their cameras.

Try home Food: The local food in Wayanad is a must try and tends to be on the spicy side. The condiments are used in an indigenous fashion and are extremely different from the modern style of cooking. The Fried Rock Crabs is a must-try along with  Coconut Rice and Muddu Vada  made of Gandhakasala, a scented rice variety found locally.

Sightseeing: Meenmutty Waterfalls is one of the most stunning waterfalls in the district. As you trek throughout the hills, stop at Pookot Lake, a perfect spot for a romantic picnic in the midst of lilies.

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