About kerala

Kerala is one of the smallest states in the Indian union. Its area is just 1.3 percent of the total area of India. The land comprises of a narrow coastal strip bounded by the Western Ghats in the east and the Arabian Sea on the west. In the words of Sreedhara Menon “Its unique geographical position and peculiar physical features have invested Kerala with a distinct individuality.” Hence it has played a vital role in the commercial and cultural history of India. Kerala has been describes “as the favorite child of nature.” Like Kashmir in the north, Kerala in the south is famous for its breath-taking natural beauty.

With its evergreen mountains, dense forests stately palms, swift flowing rivers, extensive backwaters and blue lagoons, it looks like a fairyland. This atmosphere of beauty and peace has nurtured religion and art in Kerala and enabled her to become a precious gem in the necklace of Indian culture. Indian poets of eminence have showered their praises for the abundance of its peppers, the fragrance of its sandal and the wealth of its coconuts. No part of India is so widely known or has played so important a part in world history as Kerala.

As far as Kerala is concerned, the state’s potential for tourism has been well accepted. Tourism is Kerala’s boom industry. Strategically located at the south western tip of India, Kerala enjoys unique geographic features which has made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. The state is a breathtakingly beautiful green, greenland. Natural endowments like tranquil beaches, soothing backwaters, exhilarating hill stations, enchanting waterfalls, historic monuments, spectacular artforms, rejuvenating health packages, exotic wildlife and year-round festivals offer excellent investment opportunities in tourism related activities. All of which offer the tourists a unique experience, which enchants him throughout his life.

Again, Kerala has in store more for the tourists. The state can boast of having the most advanced society in Kerala. It has a hundred per cent literate people, the lowest infant mortality rate, the highest life expectancy rate, the highest quality of life etc. As a destiation, Kerala can attract the independent traveler with its unique qualities like the pristine environment, the rich and vibrant culture and the high quality of life for the local inhabitants brought about by the state’s investments since Independence in the field of education, health care, institutions of democracy, social justice etc. The state is also endowed with its unique natural, cultural and social resources.

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