If you are looking for a laid back town away from the city that has more foreign tourists than Indians, then Fort Cochin is a nice option. Throw in a bunch of cosy cafes and you will not even miss city life. And if you’re a true blooded traveler with the intent to explore, Fort Kochi’s growing cultural scenario, historic churches, unique Chinese fishing nets and innumerable homestays are sure to provide you with a holistic experience.

Cochin, the largest city in Kerala, has historically been a significant port city right from the 14th century – colonized by the Portuguese, British and Dutch at different times in history, the city still preserves an intriguing mix of architecture from its varying colonial past. Ernakulum is the city’s cosmopolitan part where as Fort Kochi is the tourist hub.

How to Reach Fort Cochin

By Air

The nearest airport to reach Fort Kochi is the Nedumbassery International airport also known as Cochin international airport which lies at a convenient distance of 20 Kms from Cochin City. The international airport of Cochin is well connected to all the major cities of India along with several international cities in abroad including Singapore and gulf countries. On arriving at the Cochin airport one can either hire a private taxi and board a bus to reach the heart of Cochin City.

By Train

There are 3 main rail routes of Cochin namely Ernakulum Junction, Willingdon Island and Harbour Terminus. While the Ernakulum Junction is well connected with all the major cities of India. There are frequent rail services available between Harbor Terminus to Ernakulum Junction.

By Road

Fort Kochi, a small region located in the Cochin city has a well-connected bus service. The KSRTC attaches Cochin with all the major cities of the Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Numerous private deluxe buses plying between Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Trivandrum can be boarded to reach Cochin.


Main Tourist attractions

St. Francis Church

Known to be India’s first European church, it curiously transformed from a Roman Catholic Church during Portuguese rule (in 1503) to a Dutch Reformist Church (in 1664) to, finally, an Anglican Church (in 1804). Popular as the resting ground of Vasco da Gama, who was buried here in 1524, it attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the world; even though his remains were sent to Lisbon 14 years later. If you’re a fan of fans, don’t forget to see the antique, hand-operated fans used here that are worked manually with ropes on either side.

The spa experience

People come to Kerala from all over the world just to soak in a traditional Ayurvedic treatment, so make sure you don’t leave without trying one. Since the practice originated here, the options are endless, but one of the most popular treatments is Shirodhara, a gentle pouring of herbal oils over the forehead to treat a variety of conditions.

Discover the arts

Visiting Kerala and not seeing a kathakali is like going to Spain and not eating spicy Spanish foods. Get there early so you can go backstage and watch the performers wear their extravagant make-up and costumes before the show begins. If you’re not pressed for time, try and catch a concert featuring classical dance forms like  Mohiniyattam, Bharatnatyam or Kalaripayattu (a traditional form of martial arts) demonstration, and if you are lucky, a religious performance of the flamboyant Theyyam. If you’re motivated to stay on and become a professional, you could always enroll in a short class at a dance academy.

Explore nearby towns, Mattancherry and Jew Town

In Mattancherry, the Palace Museum is worth a visit. It features murals, art and royal paraphernalia of the Rajas of Kochi. Jew Town houses the oldest Jewish Synagogue in India. It is said that even though Jews arrived in Kerala in 700 BC and built a prosperous community in this little town, there are now less than 13 Jewish residents, due to the majority’s migration to Israel. One of the prime reasons for the migration and a decline in population is a lack of suitable co-religious marriage partners.

There are a bunch of Small and International level Hotels in Fort Cochin coming within the range of Rs.1500-4000 per day.

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