Surrounded by three wonderful hills and far away from the bustling city life and commercial tourist hubs, this enchanting hill station in Kerala is one of the most soothing tourist places to visit in Kerala. Vagamon offers the nature lovers some mysterious beauty of nature, with a magical combination of green meadows, deep dense forests that are hidden from all the hoopla, will give you an immediate feeling of being secluded away from all the maddening crowd and activities.  The place is surrounded by the majestic hills of Murugan, Thangal and Kurisumala which are best to for a nature walk with your loved ones witnessing the untamed buffalos and wild elephants bathing and quenching their thirst near the water bodies.  You can also indulge in some most exciting adventure sports while here like mountain climbing, paragliding and so on.  Full of exotic flora and fauna, and marvelous pine forests blessed with fresh air and perfectly manicured beauty, this place has become the tourists delight over the past years.

Popular places to visit in Vagamon

 Elaveezha Poonchira

Nature has the incredible healing powers than anything in the world. That is why we all feel refreshed and at peace when we are surrounded by some natural locations and environments because essentially, man belongs to nature. The outstanding views of the mystic hills and unwinding roads that this place offers some amazing spots for trekking and magnificent views of the Mother Nature.

Kurishumala Ashram

This has become the eventual spiritual spot for all the Christian pilgrimages out there. Kurisumala Ashram is at the coronary heart of the Sahya Mountains, which run parallel to India’s southwest coast. It is an area sanctified by the breeze which blows softly across the valleys and with the aid of the overpowering splendor of the advent, and the meditative thoughts which rise up from the intensity of silence. Even today human beings pass through the mountains on the lookout for peace of mind and of God enjoy. The place serves as a Christian pilgrim center and monastery and holds a large prayer hall and welcomes everyone with a tranquil ambiance and positive vibes all around the place.

Paruthumpara viewpoint

This place is positioned around at a distance of 1200+ meters above the sea level and offers a perfect spot for climbing. If you take the risk and walk up to the hike you can have the amazing views of the deep green gorges. It is blessed with beauty and nature lovers will give whatever in return for a go to this place. The Tourism Council proposed distinctive plans to increase parunthumpara as an ecotourism point.

It’s far said that its miles viable to peer the divine light the “Makaravilaku” of the Sabarimala temple from here. Lots of people arrive here to look this incredible event. Even in the case, you miss other points of interest at Kuttikanam you ought to now not omit this. You could stand on the peak and consider the ditch just below you. Down the valley, there are deep forests that have tribal settlements and a dozen of waterfalls. This region may be defined as a hill factor blessed with herbal splendor at its peak.

The weather

Pleasant and sometimes cold, don’t forget to take woolen clothes


Tandem Paragliding

Mountain walks

Jungle safaris

How to Reach

After landing at the Cochin international airport or the railway’s station, you can easily reach her within a tow hour’s journey.

Nearest rail head- Kottayam (64 km)

Nearest Airport- Cochin International Airport (94 km)

 Best time to visit- Between January to June and between September to December

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